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Easycell is a leading vendor
for providing 4G/5G Small Cell solutions 
to build private network

Welcom to EasyCell CBRS Solutions 

EasyCell, a leading Korean vendor, is at the forefront of providing CBRS-ready 4G/5G small cell solutions, proven by major carriers.

Over the past decade, EasyCell has successfully deployed both indoor and outdoor LTE small cells for prominent telecommunications companies 

Our innovative products for 4G/5G networks provide timely and cost-effective small cell solutions that support high throughput, stability, and easy management. 

EasyCell is leading the way in empowering customers to build CBRS networks by offering the most cost-effective CBRS portfolio in the market


Proven Equipment, Ready for Deployment

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  • EasyCell small cell base stations are thoroughly tested and validated, guaranteeing reliability and performance from day one.

  • With our experience collaborating with leading telecommunications companies such as KT, TELSTRA, and US Charter/Google, EasyCell have encountered and resolved numerous exceptional cases, integrating these solutions into our product to ensure robust performance and reliability.

Discover the Benefits of EasyCell Small Cell 

  • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS): Ensures seamless streaming and uninterrupted performance, even during peak traffic times.

  • Plug-and-Play Installation: Effortless setup for non-technical users, reducing installation costs and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

  • Advanced Scheduling Techniques: Prioritizes voice and streaming services for superior performance compared to regular internet traffic.

  • Proven Reliability: Developed through extensive commercial use and collaboration with top telecommunications companies, ensuring robust performance and reliability

Optimized Efficiency and Performance (Outdoor Small Cell)

  • Exceptional Outdoor Performance: Maximizes space and cost efficiencies with unparalleled installation flexibility and scalability.

  • Compact and Cost-Effective with internal antenna : Covers extensive areas with fewer cells, reducing rental costs and capital expenditures (CAPEX).

  • Lower Operational Expenses: Reduced space requirements lead to significantly lower installation and rental costs, decreasing operational expenses (OPEX)

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