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About Us

EasyCell Co., Ltd

EasyCell, a leading Korean vendor, is at the forefront of providing CBRS-ready 4G/5G small cell solutions, proven by major carriers.


Over the past decade, EasyCell has successfully deployed both indoor and outdoor LTE small cells for prominent telecommunications companies such as Korean and Australian mobile network operators, as well as various carriers in the United States. 


The spin-off and transfer of technology including patents and products from JUNI Global, a leading company in small cell solutions, have been completed, and EasyCell is continuing its CBRS business.


Our innovative products for 4G/5G networks provide timely and cost-effective small cell solutions that support high throughput, stability, and easy management. 


EasyCell is leading the way in empowering customers to build CBRS networks by offering the most cost-effective CBRS portfolio in the market


  Ted Jeon, the CEO/Founder, who worked as Juni's VP, signed a Juni patent and software license agreement in 2019. With Juni products and technologies, he established EasyCell by spun off. ​

  • LTE/CBRS products of Small Cell Base station

  • LTE FDD products (9 types), LTE TDD products (17 types)

  • HeMS server (OA&M server),

  • Hypercell Server

  • license agreement with 15 patents for LTE/CBRS commercial products

  Additional development by EasyCell has been completed for the products that have been transferred from Juni for performance and low cost hardware for two years. EasyCell can immediately launch and supply commercial products to the market.

  Easycell has excellent engineers with experience in the development and commercialization of LTE small cell base stations at the ETRI, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Electronics, POSDATA R&D Center, and small cell small and medium-sized companies Contela/Aritel/Juni Korea (to be joined in phases).

  The communication environment is changing from voice/data services (B2C) to convergence services (B2B) using unlicensed-band frequencies. Therefore, there is a significant need for Small Cell base stations capable of providing various services on a 4G/5G private network in an unlicensed band.

  The communication technology and environment is always evolving and will bring greater change in mobile communication services with faster and more diverse development. EasyCell is positioned to quickly respond to this technological innovation and respond to market demands by releasing affordable products desired by the market.

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